Scholarship Stories: Vocational Nursing Student Ashley Santos

Stanbridge University is featuring Scholarship Stories because we are proud of our hardworking students and want to encourage other students to apply for scholarships. Congrats to Stanbridge University’s Orange County campus Vocational Nursing student, Ashley Santos, on her Dr. Jonathan Wu Excellence in Nursing scholarship.

Scholarship Stories: Vocational Nursing Student Ashley Santos
Stanbridge University Vocational Nursing Student – Ashley Santos

Why do you want to be a nurse? 

I want to care for patients and assist in advocating for their needs. Many of my loved ones have suffered from illnesses, and the nurses that were involved were pivotal to their holistic care. I hope to administer the same level of care to my future patients.

What advice do you have for others wanting to apply for nursing scholarships?

My advice is to be honest, hopeful, and gracious.

What is your best study tip for your vocational nursing program?

Take advantage of all the resources available to you and utilize a variety of study methods (videos, worksheets, index cards, charts, powerpoints, textbooks, etc.). Also, forming strong study groups has been a lifesaver. Plus, you have a chance to get to know your peers, you can encourage each other when times get rough, and celebrate each other’s successes.

When you aren’t studying, what do you like to do for fun?

I feel at peace in nature. My husband and I like to take advantage of the beautiful state we live in, and we enjoy visiting the beach, desert, and mountains.

What are you planning to do once you graduate Stanbridge University?

Before I started my studies at Stanbridge, I was working as a full-time residential counselor at a crisis stabilization residential home. Once I graduate, I hope to work as a LVN in a mental health setting, either in a residential home or in an acute setting.

Interested in applying for a vocational nursing scholarship?

Stanbridge University has many scholarship opportunities available for students, including opportunities for other degree programs. Scholarship types include:

  • Institutional (All Programs)
  • ATI (Nursing)
  • Jonathan Wu Excellence in Nursing (Nursing)
  • Degrees of Skill (OTA)

For more details on how to apply, please email