Pets and Fireworks Do Not Mix! Tips For This 4th of July

While 4th of July fireworks are a blast for us, they may be terrifying for our pets. To help combat anxiety for our animals during this time, experts from our Veterinary Technician program put together some helpful tips to help keep our furry friends safe:

  1. Keep your pet indoors!
    Do not take them to fireworks shows. Between fights with other animals, the dangers of ingesting harmful people food, and the frightening noise of the rockets’ red glare…it just isn’t worth it.
  2. Microchip your pet!
    Some pets will try to escape from all the noise. If your pet is microchipped and registered, you are more likely to get your pet back than with collars and tags alone.
  3. Consider Medications! 
    Speak to your Vet to see if sedatives or therapy could be helpful.
  4. Keep Them Distracted! 
    If your pet is staying home alone, leave the radio or TV on to comfort them.

Remember, our animals are our responsibility, so be kind and keep your pet safe this holiday weekend. To learn more about how you can continue to be a better advocate for animal welfare, click here.