Stanbridge College Joins Colleges and Universities Across The US To Sign The Campus Compact 30th Anniversary Action Statement

Stanbridge College recently joined over 350 schools across the United States whose respective presidents and chancellors signed the 30th Anniversary Action Statement with Campus Compact. Known as a longtime advocate for empowering local and global communities, Stanbridge College offers quality education for students seeking to positively impact those around them. Stanbridge College’s belief in affirmative civic engagement lead to the foundation of REACH – Beyond the Classroom™, a Service Learning and Civic Engagement initiative, which has enabled students to promote awareness and give to those in need for over 20 years.

Based in Boston, Campus Compact is a non-profit organization emphasizing a duty towards higher education and civic, as well as social, responsibility. Each signature contributed to the 30th Anniversary Action Statement promises the school’s support to create a Campus Civic Action Plan. This plan will reinforce Stanbridge College’s driving ideology that all students will engage in community strengthening experiences and therefore shape a generation of professionals who are able to lead towards improved public outcomes.

“California Campus Compact is pleased that Mr. Weerasuriya has joined over 350 Campus Compact member presidents and chancellors in signing the Campus Compact 30th Anniversary Action Statement on behalf of Stanbridge College, a document containing strong language about the public obligations of higher education that commits campuses to taking specific steps to deepen their engagement for the benefits of students, communities, and the broader public,” said Dr. Elaine Ikeda, Executive Director of California Campus Compact.

“We are very pleased to sign the 30th Anniversary Statement with Campus Compact,” said Mr. Yasith Weerasuriya, President of Stanbridge College. “Through all volunteer and service work, Stanbridge College endeavors to create professionals with the capacity to respond effectively in critical moments.”

Stanbridge College was designated to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, the highest federal recognition a college or university can receive for outstanding efforts in works of activism and service-learning, in 2014 for the sixth consecutive year.

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