Stanbridge Spotlight: Occupational Therapy Assistant Alumnus Shaneill Davis

Shaneill Davis, not only gets to work in Beverly Hills, but also has a job that continues to make her happy. Since caring for people is a passion of hers, this Occupational Therapy Assistant graduate can truly say that she loves her job.

During her time at Stanbridge, the hands-on training created a better learning experience for Shaneill to thrive in. “I was well prepared and very comfortable in my fieldwork and also out in the workforce. I felt like I was a professional already due to that previous experience at Stanbridge College.”

Shaneill also worked with the Career Services department to help her with her job search, resume preparation, and mock interviews. “From the time that I actually started Stanbridge College up into the time that I graduated, they were so helpful and so supportive, and so adamant about making sure that I got job placement that I actually got a job interview one week after I graduated.”

Now she currently works for the Rehabilitation Center of Beverly Hills, helping people get back to their daily living activities, as independently as they can. “Every day I get to wake up and go to a job that I truly enjoy all because of Stanbridge College.”

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