Job Searching Tips: Be an Active Job Seeker and Find the Next Steps Toward Career Success

Working on your degree? Looking for a job? One way in which you can improve your job search is to act instead of react.

According to Stanbridge College Career Services, there are two types of job seekers: active and passive. A passive job seeker writes up a resume, uploads it to a few websites and then sits at home by the phone or computer waiting for a response, waiting to react. An active job seeker also submits resumes online but takes their job search several steps further.

For example, the active job seeker maps out a five-mile radius outside their home and identifies a number of companies nearby they are interested in working for. They maximize their downtime by dressing up professionally to visit these nearby companies, even on Saturdays. This could help them connect with decision-makers to find out what makes a qualified candidate. They may also gain access to insight no one else may have, such as when a position might become available. In addition to the possibility of landing an interview, active job seekers gain feedback about their job search and are able to start making connections for their potential career.

An active job seeker also makes consistent use of their college’s career service department. There, they can gain feedback on their resume, sharpen interview skills and find new resources to use for their job search.

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