Here to Help: Stanbridge College Students Serve Lunch to Homeless Children in Orange County

While some would take their day off to relax, Vocational Nursing students, Jason Kilheeney and Elizabeth Macney took their precious free time to give back. On Friday, May 25th, the two part-time students joined Stanbridge College REACH – Beyond the Classroom™ to help serve lunch to the children of Project Hope Alliance in Orange.

“It was fun, these kids are great and they got everything they deserved today and hopefully we’ll be able to provide them more,” stated Jason Kilheeney.

The school provides education and learning resources for underprivileged children, grades 1 through 8 who live in temporary housing including motels and shelters in Orange County. Stanbridge College has consistently supported Project Hope School through donations of lunches, school supplies, clothing and household items for the children and their families.

“There are so many people out there that have more than they need, and if we can give back a little to the community, then it makes me feel good,” said Kilheeney.

Students at Stanbridge College are encouraged to give back to their local and global community. Through REACH, students are able to work with non-profits including the Project Hope Alliance to support those in need and to apply their educational skills and critical thinking in a structured learning environment. Many times, the students that work with the REACH community programs gain exemplary compassion that is necessary for their future healthcare professions.

“It is good to show your face just so they know, hey I am here, I am here to help, I have extra time for kids in need, for anyone in need really, said Elizabeth Macney.

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