Stanbridge College Opens Children’s Eyes to a Better Education

Stanbridge College Opens Children’s Eyes to a Better Education

In January of 2012, Stanbridge College staff raised funds for the Low Vision Center at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Long Beach, supplying 50 children with eyeglasses. The Low Vision Center provides free vision screenings to children in preschool and elementary school grades and offers low cost optical aids to those suffering from impaired vision or blindness. Many of these children come from low-income or impoverished families who cannot afford vision screening or eyeglasses.

The funds raised by Stanbridge College went to helping these children receive eyeglasses to aid them in their education. Many of the children wrote thank you letters and drew pictures expressing their gratitude. Some of the children said that after receiving eyeglasses they were able to see the classroom whiteboard clearer, stay focused on school work, and have begun to see an improvement their grades.

One family conveyed their appreciation and explained that as their income was cut significantly due to the recession and medical issues, Stanbridge College’s donation and Low Vision Center’s “help to [their] children truly lifted a burden.”

One fourth grade child wrote, “Thank you for the glasses that you’ve granted me. Now my sight has improved, I read clearly and I can study better. Please continue to help kids like me. Thank you so much and God bless you always.”

To view the thank you letters and pictures from the children please click here to visit the Stanbridge College Facebook photo album.

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Stanbridge College encourages you to find out how you can help support local children in need with vision correction.

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