Ready for the Next Dimension? Storage in 5D

Ready for the Next Dimension? Storage in 5D  Using nanotechnology, researchers have created a 5D storage device using silica glass and a process called femtoprinting. The femtoprinting process uses a laser that can pulse for a mere femtosecond—just several quadillionths of second. The laser can shape the silica to create a polarization effect; this effect can later be read or erased by the laser.

What are the five dimensions? An Extreme Tech article breaks it down: “vertical and horizontal position on the piece of glass, and varying depth depending on the duration of the femtosecond laser pulse” are the obvious first three. “[W]avelength and polarization of the light can also carry data,” rounding up the last two. What is great about this method is that it can store a huge amount of data on a very tiny space.

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