“Liking” vs “+1”ing: Google+ Prepares for Battle

“Liking” vs “+1”ing: Google+ Prepares for Battle  Google+ is a new social networking platform that will be available to the public on July 31st.  So far, the reviews have been mixed, with bloggers weighing in on both fabulous features and where Google is falling short.

In an article at TechCrunch, MG Siegler draws battle lines for the social media war among Google, Facebook, and other platforms.  One could compare hundreds of different features, but Siegler suggests that the winning platform will be the most effective at sharing information.  While Siegler does not settle on a definitive answer as to which platform is best, he makes clear that Google+ will be a platform to consider when developing for and participating in online experiences.

Have you joined Google+?  Are you a diehard Facebook loyalist?  Do you shun social media all together?  How do you think Google+ will affect your online life?  Let us know in the comments.

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One comment on ““Liking” vs “+1”ing: Google+ Prepares for Battle

  1. So far, Google+ is winning me over as a social media business platform.

    When first starting out on Facebook, my plan was to use the interactivity to share with professional business contacts and create new ones.

    Immediately I found myself deleting people that bombarded my page with Farmville, Mafiawars, and other inappropriate personal updates. So much so, that I deleted the entire page, and waited a few months before starting over.

    It’s early into this, but Google+ seems to have combined the ‘personality’ of Facebook with the ‘professionalism’ of LinkedIn. Combine that with the new +1 button data collection abilities, and Google+ may well become the social giant of the future.

    P.S. If anyone is interested in a Google+ invitation, I can invite you for an unknown period of time (only Google decides).

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