Stanbridge University Expands Nursing School to Riverside

Stanbridge University is pleased to announce its new Riverside Campus. Pending approval from state boards, the

Riverside campus will launch with the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Vocational Nursing programs. Classes are slated to begin in the Summer of 2021.

Stanbridge University Expands Nursing School to Riverside

Riverside is the newest addition and third campus for Stanbridge with two current locations in Orange County and Los Angeles.

Stanbridge University offers pre-licensure healthcare programs to meet the growing demand for highly trained healthcare professionals. Stanbridge’s nursing programs are top-ranked in the state with the Vocational Nursing program ranking #1.

During the pandemic, Stanbridge University nursing programs have led the way in virtual and hands-on in-person learning, offering students the technology needed to ensure their educational goals remain uninterrupted.

With innovative Virtual Reality Laboratories, Synthetic Cadaver Laboratories, and Nursing and Simulation Laboratories, students will be available to learn and practice in immersive and real-world environments at the Riverside campus.

Now is the time to begin a healthcare career in the LVN or RN fields.  LVN employment demand in CA through 2026 is seeing a 17% increase with a $30 hourly mean. RN employment demand has seen a 16% increase in the state, with qualified graduates making an average of $55 per hour.

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