First-Ever Elevating X-Ray Table Gifted to Stanbridge University

First-Ever Elevating X-Ray Table Gifted to Stanbridge University

Stanbridge University is the honored recipient of the first-ever silent elevating x-ray table system, gifted to the institution by industry trailblazer MyVet Imaging. We are excited to provide our Veterinary Technology students with additional hands-on learning experiences utilizing cutting edge technology that opens advanced pathways for patient comfort and safety.

The MyVet table system is an elevating radiographic imaging table that includes revolutionary features such as a large wireless 17”x17” digital flat panel detector, allowing for faster, streamlined imaging. The foot switch activated operation, lowering table top, and quiet motor movement eliminate the need to lift non-sedated animals into position, reduces startle reflexes, and offers greater stability for each patient. Stanbridge Vet Tech students are able to train with digital radiographic technology utilized in professional practice, which prepares them for successful futures as leaders in the veterinary field.

“We are excited to have the MyVet X-Ray Table at our institution,” Stanbridge University Veterinary Technology faculty member Jo Tootell, AS, RVT stated. “Not only is it allowing us to teach Stanbridge University students how to take exemplary radiographs utilizing state of the art technology, but the MyVet Table is helping us prepare students for their future careers as they take advantage of this equipment.”

MyVet Imaging representative William Nicholas stated: “As students go forward with their careers, they will know more, apply more, and think outside the box with radiography. Being well-versed in this technology makes them better veterinary technicians.”

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