Vet Tech Student Volunteered with the OC Zoo to Develop Better Animal Care

Stanbridge Vet Tech student Cedar Yardumian is a California Campus Compact Community Engagement Student Fellow and has been making a lasting impact on the animals of the OC Zoo and Serrano Animal Hospital in her fellowship.

Vet Tech Student Volunteered with the OC Zoo to Develop Better Animal Care

Veterinary Technician student Cedar Yardumian is working toward her A.S. at Stanbridge and was awarded the California Campus Compact Community Engagement Student Fellowship (CESF) this spring. Her focus as a Vet Tech has predominantly been centered around improved care for exotic animals, to prevent health issues and ensure proper care. Her community service fellowship has had her spending time at the Serrano Animal Hospital and at the Orange County Zoo.

Originally from Colorado, Ms. Yardumian studied Environmental Communications at Colorado State University. She completed an internship with the World Wildlife Fund in Washington D.C, which greatly influenced her career path, and increased her passion to work with animals. She greatly values wildlife conservation, animal welfare, and environmental protection.

While working with the Orange County Zoo and the Serrano Animal Hospital, Ms. Yardumian got once-in-a-lifetime hands-on learning experience working with a variety of exotic animals and was able to help create improved care sheets for different animals to help their care remain consistent and specific.

“I worked closely with an experienced veterinary team to assist with treating and caring for the animals, and developed care sheets for different exotic pets to ensure proper care and prevent health issues,” Ms. Yardumian said. “The CESF has provided me with an experience that will be extremely beneficial for my future career as a Registered Veterinary Technician.”

With a thorough and ignited passion for her field, thanks to her fellowship, Ms. Yardumian now knows that she wants to focus on wildlife conservation and animal welfare in her veterinary practice. She has a particular interest in contributing to wildlife medicine and rehabilitation.

“The CESF program has not only allowed me to gain valuable experience and knowledge towards my future career, but also enabled me to achieve a lifelong dream of working with and caring for rare exotic animals,” Ms. Yardumian said.

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