Alumni Spotlight: 2015 Clara Barton Alumnus of the Year Award Winner Ismael Lopez

Mr. Ismael Lopez, LVN, a 2009 Vocational Nursing graduate of cohort PTB, was recently awarded the 2015 Clara Barton Alumnus of the Year Award at the Stanbridge College Commencement Exercises. The award recognizes a graduate’s outstanding achievements, contributions, and leadership in the field of healthcare.

Alumni Spotlight: 2015 Clara Barton Alumnus of the Year Award Winner Ismael Lopez
Ismael Lopez, with help from his daughter, accepts his 2015 Clara Barton Alumnus of the Year Award from Stanbridge College President Yasith Weerasuriya

Mr. Lopez has been the LVN Team Leader for the Head and Neck Surgery Department of Kaiser Permanente for the last five years. He is a recipient of their prestigious Radiant Star and Everyday Hero awards, which are given in designation for exceptional employee performance, going above and beyond at both work and in the community. Mr. Lopez was recognized for a moment of selflessness, when he came forward and saved the life of a man who had slumped over in his wheelchair while at lunch in the cafeteria. At first, the man simply appeared to be asleep, but it was Mr. Lopez’s keen observation and quick thinking that led him to alert security to call a Code Blue. Mr. Lopez remained with the man throughout, and helped transfer him to the ER when Emergency Services arrived on the scene. It is that level of devotion to his work, integrity, and accountability for those in his care, that has made Mr. Lopez’s career extraordinary.

“Ismael could easily have decided not to investigate further, but he exemplifies what it means to be an outstanding nurse – personal accountability, integrity, and good judgment,” says Lisa Luckey, Department Administrator, Head and Neck Surgery at the Anaheim Medical Center. “We are so very proud of him!”

And they’re not the only ones who are proud of all that Mr. Lopez has accomplished. His wife, Tonya Barela-Lopez, was overjoyed to hear her husband had been selected for the award. “My children get to witness something so amazing, and truly be proud of how hard their father works to better their lives! And it all started at Stanbridge.”