Rewarding Moments at Stanbridge College: Nursing Students Help Improve Patient Quality of Life

Stanbridge College nursing students are preparing themselves for a career that’s rewarding professionally and personally every day. Instructor Adeline Justeson recounts how a group of Stanbridge College nursing students found a creative way to help improve a patient’s quality of life while learning clinical skills at a skilled nursing facility.

The patient, suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, was unable to move and could barely speak. The nursing students wanted to communicate their care and concern and find a way to help distract her from the pain and frustration. “Nurses are taught to use a variety of methods to increase the comfort of patients that do not require a physicians order,” stated Ms. Justeson.

After learning how music triggered a positive response for another patient’s condition, the nursing students took the initiative to create a playlist of music and gave it to the patient with MS to listen to.

“The students recording music for the patient demonstrated that our students are compassionate and went above and beyond to incorporate their nursing knowledge to help a patient. To see her face light up was a very rewarding moment for the students, myself, and the patient.”

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