Robot Assisted Therapy for Stroke Patients

Robot Assisted Therapy for Stroke Patients  A recent study found that robot assisted physical therapy may work better at improving mobility in stroke patients than regular therapy. The study consisted of 20 stroke patients with weaknesses on one side or area of their body and limited mobility. 10 patients worked with occupational therapy techniques as a control group, while the other 10 worked with the Bi-Manu-Track robotic arm trainer. The robotic arm trainer allows patients to do repetitive bilateral arm movements. It adjusts its settings to encourage the patient’s movements and provides progress through visual feedback.

At the end of the study, researchers found that the robot assisted group improved in their arm movements, bimanual ability and the ability to accomplish more daily tasks. Because the robot is able to consistently do more repetitions for stroke patients, researchers believe it will be beneficial in regaining motor functions.

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