Staying in Shape While Working as a Nurse Poses Challenges

Nurses, along with being busy with their work, families, and other commitments, are encouraged to be role models for healthy living to their patients. So how can a nurse fit exercise into a packed daily routine? Read on for helpful tips!

Staying in Shape While Working as a Nurse Poses Challenges  Gary Scholar, the author of Fit Nurse: Your Total Plan for Getting Fit and Living Well, has several tips for how to stay healthy without dragging yourself to the gym:

  • Pick something you love to do for fitness. If you loved biking or rollerblading when you were younger, take it up again.
  • Don’t skip meals. Eating at a regular intervals is the best way to keep your energy level high.
  • Take a walk outside during your lunch break. Not only is this an opportunity for some cardio, it also helps reduce stress by placing you in a different environment.

While the initial motivation to start exercising or developing healthy eating habits can be difficult, Scholar notes that nurses who exercise have significantly more energy than those who do not.

How do you fit exercising into your busy schedule?

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