Therapy Careers after COVID-19: Is Now the Right Time?

Despite all of the uncertainty in the world currently, one thing is clear: Therapy careers are in high demand.

Today, there is much to learn about SARS-COVID-19 and the healthcare field is preparing for the long-term effects for survivors and the mental health of communities in state-wide quarantine.

The demand for therapy professionals (and OT, OTA and PTA programs) will prove necessary to support new challenges including:

Therapy Careers after COVID-19: How You Can Join the Fight

  •  Elderly survivors of COVID-19 will undergo long-lasting effects and therefore have the greatest need for care years after infection.
  •  Physical therapy and occupational therapy professionals will prove necessary to support the influx of patients suffering from physical, cognitive, and social/emotional impacts of this disease.
  • As more state-wide restrictions are lifted, those not directly affected by COVID-19 will have new needs for care and treatment. Current OT and PT patients will need new coping strategies to support their treatment plans.
  • Therapy professionals are now able to better educate patients and their loved ones in how social distancing as part of activities of daily living is important to slowing the spread of disease.

Therapy Careers: Let’s get started

That said, are you ready to join the front lines of an essential workforce responsible for enriching the lives of patients in need during these unprecedented times?

Does this sound like you? If so, now is your chance! Take the first step towards a fulfilling career in therapy.

Want to learn more? Discover the Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program and Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Stanbridge University.

For more resources on the COVD-19 and Therapy please visit the AOTA and APTA.