Starting Your Stanbridge Journey

Starting a new educational opportunity can sometimes be a scary thing. There are a lot of unknowns – but don’t worry! We’re here to help support you as you begin your educational journey with us.

A Few Things to Expect at Stanbridge

There are going to be some late study nights – be sure to grab coffee at the Rubi kiosk on campus for a pick-me-up. But remember to try and get some rest, because your body needs sleep to learn better!

Starting Your Stanbridge Journey
Stanbridge University Student

The friends you make at Stanbridge have the potential to be lifelong, fulfilling relationships. Intimate class sizes give you access to one-on-one faculty guidance and foster a strong team-building environment.

So, team up! You can always expect good things when you work together towards your goal.

We have a rotation of on-campus food vendors with tasty meal options like hot dogs, tacos, salads, and more!

Your physical and mental health are important to us! If you ever begin to feel overwhelmed with student life, there are options.

We offer counseling through the Student Assistance Program, and your Student Services Officer (who you can find on-campus at the Student Services department office!) is happy to discuss options for tutoring and help you achieve your goals.

Stop by the Career Services department if you need help with anything career-related – the dedicated team there wants to see you succeed and will offer one-on-one assistance with resume preparation, mock interviews, and job boards. Even after you graduate, our Career Services team continues to partner with you as you find your dream career. Keep a lookout for our career fairs, which help you further your professional network and see what’s out there!

Additional Resources

On-Campus Learning Resource Center

  • Writing Center
  • Library
  • Study Rooms
  • Computers
  • Tutoring – peer and faculty

Online Library Database

Online Student Workshops

Online Tutoring

Learn more about Stanbridge University’s nursing and allied health programs!