Stanbridge College IT Staff Lists Favorite Tech Blogs

In a hidden room deep within Stanbridge College lies the tech heart of its academia. There, IT monitor networks, data, phone systems, servers and more. And though our IT staff is dutifully in charge of the college’s technological resources, they also hold a strong opinion about some of their favorite technology blogs.

A list of some of Stanbridge College’s frequented blogs include Tech Republic, CNET, Slashdot and Gizmodo. They also added that on Gizmodo there are links that go to other informative tech blogs, including Bestmodo, Lifehacker and Kotaku. Taking a brief survey of information on those blogs, you can find the latest in technology-related news that includes everything from smart phones, Facebook downloads, Google Voice, DIY laptop repairs and more.

While not one from the IT staff, another recommended blog is Waves of Tech (, which also has a podcast devoted to discussing technology and its impact on life. Catch episode 58 where they give an IE 9 review, a talk about how iPads can be installed in BMWs, Facebook phone and more.

Have a few favorite tech blogs of your own you can tell us about?