Stanbridge College Holds Fundraisers For Project Hope

Stanbridge College is proud to announce Project Hope as its September/October Service Project beneficiary after holding a Favorite Charity Contest on Facebook.

Our upcoming Jeans Week from Oct. 11-22 as well as the Project Hope Student Fundraising Project (now through Oct. 22) will raise money to help homeless grades K-8 students in Orange County.

And it’s all part of the Stanbridge College Reach Beyond the Classroom: A Service-Learning Initiative (Reach) where we integrate our philosophy of service learning into a way of life that students will take into their careers and lives for years to come.


The mission of Project Hope is to provide a public, alternative education that prepares homeless K-8 students to become academically prepared and capable members of society.

According to Project Hope, it’s estimated that there are more than 13,000 homeless children in Orange County. Facing a starvation of the mind, these unseen faces live transitory lives in rundown motels and community shelters, and routinely drop out of school. Helping homeless children escape the illiterate cycle of poverty is part of Project Hope’s mission, as they believe life and learning are basic needs that should be fulfilled.

We are very excited to begin our next service project benefiting Project Hope. Look forward to future announcements about how you can get involved and help this amazing cause!