Occupational Therapy Graduate Students Celebrated at White Coat Ceremony

Congratulations to the Occupational Therapy graduate students of cohort MSOT011 on their recent White Coat Ceremony and Academic Showcase. This milestone marks a significant achievement for these students, who have worked hard to reach this point in their journey.

Occupational Therapy Graduate Students Celebrated at White Coat Ceremony
Stanbridge University Occupational Therapy graduate students.

The White Coat Ceremony is a rite of passage in the journey towards a career in healthcare. This is an especially meaningful moment for students in an occupational therapy program, as they will be tasked with helping treat patients’ physical, mental and emotional challenges through various activities. This ceremony is intended to emphasize the importance of compassionate care in all areas of healthcare practice.

The day’s Academic Showcase was an opportunity for students to present their thesis projects. Students had the opportunity to share their work and discuss its impact on patient care with faculty members, peers and family members. These presentations highlighted a variety of topics ranging from serving autistic adults aged 50 years and older, to robotic animal-assisted therapy, to therapeutic gardening.

We are thrilled to recognize cohort MSOT011 on this momentous occasion. We look forward to seeing them continue down the path towards becoming successful occupational therapists and witnessing firsthand how they will make a positive impact on the lives of others through professional care and compassion.

Congratulations again, MSOT011! We wish you all success in your fieldwork and future endeavors!

Click here to watch the recorded livestream.

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