Alumni Spotlight: 2015 Rear Admiral Howard A. Roop Alumnus of the Year Award Winner Jane Germaine

Jane Germaine, 2011 LVN graduate, was recently awarded the 2015 Rear Admiral Howard A. Roop Alumnus of the Year Award at the Stanbridge College Commencement Exercises. The award recognizes a graduate who has brought positive change to the community through leadership and service.

Alumni Spotlight: 2015 Rear Admiral Howard A. Roop Alumnus of the Year Award Winner Jane Germaine
Jane Germaine accepts her 2015 Rear Admiral Howard A. Roop Alumnus of the Year Award from Stanbridge President Yasith Weerasuriya

It was a family tragedy that inspired Ms. Germaine to recalibrate the trajectory of her life. Her father, Alan Michael, a veteran of the United States Navy, was living in a memory care facility in the Midwest. An otherwise healthy man whose mind was ravaged by Alzheimer’s disease, he died from exposure to cold after wandering away from the premises. Determined to improve the safety and quality of life for all elderly people in assisted living, Ms. Germaine chose to honor her father’s memory by studying to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse at Stanbridge College.

Today Ms. Germaine serves as the Executive Director of Atria Las Posas, a 123 bed assisted living and memory care facility in Camarillo, CA. She takes great pride in building personal relationships with those living under her roof and making sure residents feel safe and well cared for. Ms. Germaine and her staff strive to make each day fun and engaging for the residents, and together, create an environment where everyone feels valued.

Going above and beyond to bring happiness into the lives of her residents is typical for Ms. Germaine, who greatly enjoys bringing animals from her ranch to visit with the seniors. As a leader, Ms. Germaine understands the lasting impact her work has on the lives of others. “It is both my responsibility and my honor to serve those in achieving the best quality of life possible in their later years. These amazing folk that live in my facility give so much back to me every day, more than I could ever give them.”

Ms. Germaine credits Stanbridge College with instilling her with the necessary skills and values she needs to be successful at her job. “One of the things that was drilled into me by both of my clinical instructors and my classroom instructors was that nurses need to be flexible. Getting the job done also entails working with various other entities involved in the situation that are not always predictable.” Being able to think quickly on her feet, and adjust to any situation has benefitted Ms. Germaine enormously during her career in assisted living. “Needs change, often without any warning,” she said. “I also remember that at Stanbridge we were always reminded of how important paying attention to detail is, even, and especially when, no one is watching.”

Ms. Germaine contributes to her community in a wide variety of ways, largely as an advocate for the rights of senior citizens. She was recently elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce, to represent and inspire the community in supporting the needs of its elder members. She has also led the efforts to have Atria Senior Living begin donation of food items to the “Many Meals” program at Trinity Presbyterian Church. For “Many Meals,” Trinity Presbyterian partners with other local churches every Thursday to provide dinner for those in need, including the homeless.

It is Ms. Germaine’s tireless efforts, commitment to service learning, and compassion for others that help her contribute to the community as a leader and inspiration. Whether she is passionately defending the rights of senior citizens, engaging in volunteer outreach, or educating the next generation on responsible animal welfare, her core values learned as a nurse and a professional make a positive and lasting contribution.